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Important Terms & Conditions

After the initial prepaid term,  you may choose to continue your subscription at a special discount that is locked for life, assuming continuous service.  Those rates are:

Core- $60.00 Monthly / Video- $100.00 Monthly / COMBO- $125.00 Monthly

Prior to the expiration of your prepaid term, you will receive an email from customer support with a special link to subscribe at these rates.

You may cancel at any time or opt not to continue after the Promotional Period.  However,  this one-time purchase is a non-refundable transaction.

There are no long term contracts.  Cancel anytime.

All services are prepaid and non-refundable.

SMS Text Limits Policy

Your My Biz Reviews platform comes with 500 SMS text messages included per calendar month. 500 SMS text messages would be enough to submit at least 160 customers into the default Feedback Request Campaign and not go over.   For most businesses, 500 SMS text message would be sufficient for entering 200 customers into the Feedback Request Campaign based on averages.

Your 500 monthly SMS text messages do NOT carry over into the following month.

If you go over 500 SMS text messages in a given month you will be billed $50.00 for a prepaid allotment of an additional 4,000 “OVERAGE” SMS text messages.

Prepaid “OVERAGE” SMS text messages credited to your account DO carry over until they are used and, with continuous monthly service, they do not expire.

There are no refunds on remaining Prepaid “OVERAGE” SMS text messages if you discontinue your membership before using your allotted credits.

If you do not pay the bill for add-on (“OVERAGE”) SMS text credits within 5 business days of receipt (which will be sent to the email on file for your billing) you will be notified and your SMS text message service will be suspended until paid.

All other services would remain active and intact including email requests for Feedback during such a suspension of SMS text message service.

No credits will be given for inactive service days as a result of such a suspension, regardless of the reason or the term.

If at any time, you wish to check your remaining Prepaid “OVERAGE” SMS text messages balance, send an email to