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Important Terms & Conditions

One subscription= One Brand at One Address.

Includes a maximum of SMS 1500 Text Messages per month.
Max Characters Per SMS Text Message= 480.
Max SMS Carrier Segments Per Month= 4500.
Unused Text Messages / Carrier Segments Do NOT Carry Over.

There are no long term contracts.  
Cancel anytime prior to your next renewal.
To cancel, email

All services are prepaid and non-refundable.
Service is immediately paused upon failed payment.

You have read and agree to the Acceptable Use Policy Shown Below.

You have read and agree to the Text Limits Policy Shown Below.

Acceptable Use Policy

My Biz Reviews is to be use ONLY for the purpose requesting feedback and reviews from customers who have specifically granted you permission to contact them on the emails and phone numbers which you enter into our platform.

You may NOT use our platform to send any messages for any other purposes WHATESOEVER other than for gathering and responding to feedback and sending out review requests.

You will NOT create any content in the subject or body of any email or any text message that relates to any other subject matter or purpose other than asking for and/or responding to reviews and feedback from YOUR customers and YOUR customers only.

You acknowledge that you MUST have and, at any given time, be able to show evidence that you have permission to email or text any consumer whose information is entered into our platform.

You are 100% SOLELY responsible for A2P 10DLC compliance.

A2P 10DLC violations will result in account closure with NO refunds and you hereby agree that YOU are 100% responsible for any and all government or carrier fines levied as a result of YOUR improper use of our platform. If, as a result, of your failure to comply with government or carrier regulations, you agree, without exception that YOU and/or your organization will be responsible for reimbursing 9th Street Media LLC 100% of any and all expenses incurred by 9th Street Media LLC as a result of your actions including, but not limited to, any and all fees, costs, expense as may be necessary to collect such renumerations from you including, but not limited to, any and all attorneys fees and/or court costs incurred by 9th Street Media LLC should it become necessary for 9th Street Media LLC to take legal action against you in order to collect such reimbursements and/or renumerations. Jurisdiction for any such matters shall either be Atlanta, GA U.S. or any such local, county, state, or federal court as may hold appropriate jurisdiction where the violation occurred and/or over you and your business.

Furthermore, you agree that should any such situation arise during the course of your activities on behalf of a company that you own or represent, that the liability for such violations and/or actions shall fall both to you and to your organization.

Any questions, concerns, or legal correspondence regarding this or any other matter should be directed to:

9th Street Media LLC
1445 Woodmont Ln NW #120
Atlanta, GA 30318

SMS Text Limits Policy

Do NOT sign up for this service unless you have read, understood, and acknowledged the following as no refunds will be given:

Your My Biz Reviews platform comes with 1500 SMS text messages included per calendar month. 1500 SMS text messages would typically be enough to submit at least 500 customers into the default Three Attempts Feedback Request Campaigns and not go over.  IF you anticipate the need to enter more than 500 different people into the platform in a calendar month, do NOT sign up here. Instead, contact 9th Street Media at to request a custom quote.

Your 1500 monthly SMS text messages do NOT carry over into the following month. Any unused SMS messages are lost and may not be credited toward any future use or expense under any circumstance.

Once you reach 1500 SMS text messages in a given month, your SMS Text service will be PAUSED until the next prepayment successfully received by 9th Street Media.

All other services would remain active and intact during such a suspension of SMS Text message service as long as the account is otherwise in good standing.

In such event, you may contact us at and purchase additional SMS Texts at 3 cents each in any quantity where the total is at least $10.00 and you acknowledge that any unused SMS Texts from any such arrangement will expire at the end of the current prepaid cycle in which you exceeded the 1500 text messages and that any unused quantities therein will be forfeit and expire at the beginning of the next prepaid period.

There are no refunds on remaining Prepaid “OVERAGE” SMS text messages if you discontinue your membership before using your allotted credits.

If at any time, you wish to check your remaining SMS text messages balance, send an email to